viernes, julio 22, 2011

Selector estatal 273


1. The Vaselines: "Lithium"
2. Donna Hightower: "Soy feliz".
3. Tennis: "Is it true?"
4. Pris: "The better you look, the more you see".
5. Las Kellies: "Pear Tree"
6. Mora Machlifa: "Bchila".
7. Milk Maid: "Dead wrong"
8. The Housemartins: "People get ready"
9. Seapony: "Always"
10. The Drums: "Money"
11. John Maus: "Head for the country".
12. Class Actress: "Keep you"
13. MRKNI: "Humedad"
14. Los Microwaves: "Reckless dialogue"
15. Manicure: "Bored to death"

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