viernes, junio 26, 2009

selector estatal no. 186


1. Theme from Charlie's Angels
2. The Jackson 5: I want you back
3. Michael Jackson: Billy Jean (home demo 1981)
4. Adanowsky: Historias sin fin
5. Patrick Wolf: I just wasn't made for these times
6. Javier Corcobado: El futuro se descaneció ayer
7. Smith Westerns: Diamond Boys

8. Michael Jackson vs Nirvana: Smell like Billie Jean
9. Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo: Jamaican girls
10. Jupiter: Starlighter
11. YMCK & De de Mouse: Down town
12. Michael Jackson: I will come back (Holy Ghost edit)

viernes, junio 19, 2009

Selector de Frecuencias estatal no. 185


1. The Camp Math Star Kids Chorus: Are you ready for the summer
2. Celebration: Almost summer (feat. Mike Love)
3. Beat Happening: Indian Summer
4. Essau Mwamwaya: Chalo (demo)
5. The Very Best: War on heart of Africa
6. Eladio y los Seres Queridos: Estamos todos unidos
7. Lé Almedia: Hardcore experiencia

8. The Hood Internet: I love friction
9. Phantom & Lio: Je Ne suis pas encure prete
10. Pearl Fiction: Insomnia
11. Yelle: Qui est certe fille
12. Red Blooded Women: Enjoy the silence (Designer drugs rmx)
13. Capsule: More More More
Party Be:

viernes, junio 12, 2009

Selector estatal no. 184

1. Dunny Lida & Paradise King: Surf City
2. Puff'n'stuff: Puff'n'stuff
3. The Magic Kids: Hey boy
4. The Radio Dept.: David
5. Pirate Love: Laughing gas
6. Los Glosters: Por la carretera
7. Waldorf Histeria: Dicen que es Satán
8. Mick Ronson: Music is lethal
9. Morrisey: When Last I spoke to Carol (Nortec Collective rmx)
10. Ella tiene 2 androides: Apago mi radar (download here)
11. Electrica Miami: Labios de papel
12. Telepathe: Chrome's on it (rmx)
13. Amari: Le gite fouri porta
14. Fun: Find out