domingo, octubre 16, 2005

MONTEVIDEO new record

MONTEVIDEO new record

JAB-028 mini CD

1. El avión 2. Cualquier palabra 3. Creo que es martes 4. Todo 5. Andalucía expres 6. Huir

Art work: Damiana Dubatti
-Time: 19'30"
-Price: 5 euro + P&P
You can listen to five Real Player tracks from "Ella y el" on the Montevideo's Audio section on our site

Montevideo are just like the title of their first record: “Ella y él” (“She and He”), that is, Damiana Dubatti and Manu C. Villalba, a pop music twosome with a knack for smart, delicate and evoking electronica. They operate from Seville, Spain, as a sort of international affair (she’s Argentinian, he’s Spanish).

Their story started in mid 2002, when they started writing together in Seville, on a blue iMac. They had previously done other things in their countries of origin: Damiana was the bass player of a band called Bristol, which released an album on the label Índice Virgen. In Seville, Manu was the singer and keyboard player of a band called Nadia (Indoor Records).

"Ella y él", their debut record, this time for Jabalina, is their first offering which collects the best six songs from their previous demos: This, "El avión", "Cualquier palabra", "Creo que es martes", "Todo", "Andalucía expres" and "Huir", have been re-recorded in the Abrigueiro de Friol studios, in Lugo, Spain, with help from Arturo Vaquero at the production desk (plus extra synthesizers) and Marco Maril Pardo (Apenino) on guitars and mandolin.

The final result couldn’t be more brilliant and thrilling, a great blend of spark and melancholia. The added value of Marco and Arturo gives this record the perfect final touch to give us a collection of songs which capture the listener into the idyllic music of Montevideo: high quality electropop with rich sounds and a variety of experiences expressed through them, reflecting the band’s exotic mixture. Montevideo belong to the league of great projects such as Entre Ríos, Dar Ful Ful, Apenino, Parade or Astrud, and they offer a surprising freshness to combat the summer heat and the cold artificiality around us.

Apartado de correos 10431, Madrid 28080
Telf./Fax: 91 521 70 80

"... small is beautiful ..."

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