viernes, febrero 24, 2006

selector estatal no. 25

selector estatal no. 25

from indonesia to california, de brasil a suecia.
del pop al post, del dance al after y de vuelta.
pues eso.

1. the new wave to come.- the radio arts (from sweeden)
2. splash shine.- mombojo (from brazil)
3. this month, day 10.- cansei de ser sexy (from brazil)
4. i love you (me neither).- cat power & karen elson
5. sos (rescue me).- rihanna
6. when you wasn't famous.- the streets

7. everybody in the discotheque.- stereo total (from germany)
8. arrest yourself.- hot chip
9. love and caring.- crystal castles
10. fett (feat. serge kool).- nachlader (from germany)
11. the living model.- anne marie (from indonesia)
12. beauty of the world.- alaska (from germany)
13. la pleureuse.- dominque a
14. talking in my sleep.- douggpound

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