viernes, junio 02, 2006

selector estatal no. 38

selector estatal no. 38

No words, only music (que nos (que nos fuimos a la presentación del libro retrospectivo de "La panadería", presentado por Yoshua Okon).
Pop ye-yé, garage pop, some covers, electro punk and lo fi pop.

1. cafe creme.- christine pilzer
2. don't lie to me.- jeannie & the big guys
3. it's all over.- naomi & the boys
4. think of rain.- margo guryan
5. ever fallen in love.- nouvelle vague
6. take me out.- the magic numbers
7.where is my mind.- james blunt

8. hum.- rapper's delight
9. i just come to tell you that I'm going.- jarvis cocker + kid loco
10. modern radio.- scarlet soho
11. l'avion.- robotnicka
12. tampere kick.- I was a teenage satan worshipper
13. manual da conquista.- petit gateau (from brazil)
14. keep on pushing.- digigarden (from brazil)
15. no one can.- one hit wonder (from germany)

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