jueves, noviembre 23, 2006

Labrador Says

Labrador Says

»the secret of the loveninjas

»The secret of the Loveninjas« is the finest dancey pop you’ll hear this year. It’s Shop Assistants, Pulp and Chris Montez’s A&M years through a soft disco filter. Oh, how much you will love this album!
Loveninjas started with a strict concept - playing in ninja-masks, a giant heart costume and writing lyrics about sex, japanese girls and ninjas (mostly all at once). The whole thing ended abruptly when they forgot their heart costume in Stuttgart after a gig this spring. After that they put their masks aside and wrote their best songs ever.
Those songs are »The secret of the Loveninjas«.

Download MP3s»I wanna be like Johnny C« (full song)

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