viernes, febrero 22, 2008

selector estatal no. 126

Special feature: Series Two Records

1. As winter gives way to spring.- Springfactory (from Springfactory cd)
2. I was a janitor.- Klas (from Series Two Compilation vol. 1)
3. Four long years.- Oh Sweet Music! (from Series Two Compilation vol. 1)
4. Elevator theme.- Band in box (from Series Two Compilation vol. 1)
5. How I saved Julieanne.- Bakers at dawn (from Series Two Compilation vol. 1)
6. Bus stop in the rain.- The Odd fiddler (from Series Two Compilation vol. 1)
7. Oh Daniel.- Tafra (from Why even bother cd)
8. Your name.- Oh! Custer (from States / Post cd)
9. Sunday love.- Robert Church & the Holy Commnunity (from Le rouge cd)

10. (Zazie fait de la) bicyclette.- Plasticines (from LP1 cd)
11. Caterina.- Humpty Dumpty (from QB)
12. Té chino.- Single (del ep Pianístico, Elefant 2007)
13. Holiday heart.- Ki:Theory (from Brittle branches)
14. Frivolity and it´s necessities.- Joy Electric (from The Otherly Opus/Memory of Alpha cd)
15. Sólo quiero soñar.- Violeta Gómez
16. La revolución sexual.- La Casa Azul (from La revolución sexual cd, Elefant 2007)

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