viernes, mayo 09, 2008

selector estatal no. 135

1. Mr Barman.- Queta Garay
2. Dont believe what they say.- Vashti Bunyan
3. Sushine boy.- Licia
4. If I had a heart.- The Danny says
5. St. Luke's.- Puzzle
6. rat is dead (rage).- CSS
7. strange religion.- humbert humbert
8. popp og co (aufafkri mix).- dyrdin
9. A message to you Rudy.- Dandy Livingstone & Tico
10. Around the world.- Señor Coconut and his orchestra
11. The magnificent seven.- Kokolo
12. Danse avec moi.- Nozé (feat. Dani Siciliano)
13. I remember.- FAX

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