martes, junio 01, 2004

radio show 31.mayo.04

in heaven/waves of mutilation.- pixies (live at Coachella)
carolina says.- siouxsie and suede (live 07.12.93)
glad girls.- guided by voices + julian casablancas
3er. planeta (live).- modest mouse
voices carry.- courtney love (live @ kroq)

angel of death
.- dokaka
paranoid android.- umass marching band
space oddity.- the langley schools music project
good vibrations.- the langley schools music project
born to be wild.- the muppets (miss peggy) + ozzy osbourne

ciao ciao bambina.- parade
hysteria in vain.- faultside
greatest hits.- laptop
talking loud and clear.- o.m.d.
venus autobahn- erlend eye
lemon incest.- vive le fete

me and the fake prince.- eve massacre
wheel me out.- was (no was)
city cats.- arabesque
maxi on.- takako minekawa
-. my robot friend

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