viernes, junio 11, 2004

selector´s mp3 chart

1. Kiss me.- Stephen ´Tin Tin´ Duffy (un clásico bailable, ex duranie, pop deluxe from the 80´s)
2.He's A Rebel.- Speedmarket Avenue (indie pop at his best)
3. A sweet little dis.- Tha blue herb (hip hop from Japan)
4."Suck or Run".- Pulseprogramming (Schneider TM remix)
5. Freak scene.- J Mascis (Peel Session, 2002.11.28)
6. Apart.- Elkland (rough kids mix)
7. Hot Lovers.- Rapture vs Tiga (PartyBen MashUp)
8. "dirty".- sci-fi lullaby
9. Got it twisted.- Moob Deep (yeah, con todo y samples de Thomas Dolby)
10. "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard".- Blotto (here comes the summer)

*via mp3´s bloggers: scissor kick, fluxblog, kingblind, nobulog, stop the noise, punkaasbitch, de subjetivisten, lost bands of the new wave era, no frontin´ just music. Thanks for share this great music, pals.

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