jueves, septiembre 22, 2005

selector no 30 x radio global

selector no 30 x radio global

hey hey, ha ha .- the 5 6 7, 8ths
hope there's someone.- antony and the jonhsons
cripple and the starfish .- antony and the jonhsons
the partisan.- electrolane
midnigth aspen.- the fall
tourist attraction.- kiosk
shift.- grizzly bear
make your own kind of music.- mama cass elliot
on the dance floor.- levy
micius.- les aus
walk rigth through.- the radio arts
price of gasoline (automato rmx).- bloc party
heard 'em say .- kanye west
to be with freedoom .- dj franswa
esos dias tontos y grises (postura 69 rmx).- dixybait
rock me again and again and again and again and again.- The Human League
ljusdal.- sibiria
tuesday girl.- tales of jenny
first candy.- danny elfman
arpeggio.- jackson & his computer band
nasty cha cha cha.- the easy acess orchestra
little baby.- donna regina
greatest song.- nixon
enemy.- typewriter
star 70.-puddu varano
space warrior.- munich machine
A.r.e. weapons
blindness.- the fall

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