lunes, octubre 18, 2004

monkey goes to heaven radio show


Does anybody knows me.- Lipps, inc.
what' a matter baby (is it hurting you).- timi yuro (buy her record)
please, please, please let me get what I want.- halo benders
the bowery electric.- jed davis + cj ramone + daniel rey
vacation.- the frogs
migth is rigth.- liliput

jacques derrida.- scritti politti (aqui su discografía)
new kicks.- le tigre (and yeah, we say no to war)
el baile de los que sobran.- los prisioneros

if there are more of us.- the projects
life is a bitch.- exch pop true
neon lights.- u-2
monkey goes to heaven.- frank black
love comes in spurts.- richard hell + the neon boys

bring me coffee or weed.- dj signify + six vicious
dance with me.- cosmo vitelli
robodub.- dub diablo (thanks, scissorkick)
aerobik.- garcon taupe (download mp3 de ellos aqui)
kelly blame.- the moogs

música de fondo: "let'em in" by rené breitbarth

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