lunes, noviembre 29, 2004

pop, canciones y cosas así


2000 deaths for edelyn gonzalez, 20000 deaths for jamie peterson.- xiu xiu
amor, caos y cosas así.- is
nothing brings me down.- emiliana torrini
arnold layne.- etienne daho
such great heigth.- iron & wine

masaje.- astrud
naive melody (this must be the place).- the arcade fire
the white walls, the white walls.- delorean
clone fashion.- glamour to kill

live.- the kleptones
see.- the kleptones
dance.- esg
fear and resilience (prefuse 73 mix).- pedro the lion

el telar de la locura.- carmina burana (i really love this band and this track)
wicked weird.- bucket 65
me and mia.- ted leo & the pharmacists
ministry of defense.-the fatales
how soon is now?.- the smiths (dictanaroake version)

thanks: fluxblog,
Teaching The Indie Kids to Dance Again
la Bloguoteque
and the wonderful people in soulseek

The dowload is culture!

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