viernes, marzo 04, 2005

selector no 4 por radio global

Selector no. 4 en radio global


Swedish pop set 1
Do you wanna do.- Acid House Kings - Dedication.- Las Puertas - I always knew.- Heikke - I spy on your heart.- Rough Bunnines -Home sweet home.- All of my brother's girlfriends - Weekends.- The Perishers - Century of time.- Punky's Dilemma - Teen love.- Peter, Bjorn & John - Too many of no time.- Gisela.

Versiones furiosas + bootlegs + novedades + clásicos
Mongoloid.- Pop Choir - Autobahn.- sessions musicians from Top of the Tops - Brown eyes.- Kano - Human beatbox.- Fat Boys - Waterfall (team 9 rmx).- The Stones Roses - Oops I'm Loaded.- Team 9 - The pleasure principal.- Lesbians on ecstasy - I don't want to have sex with you.- Soldout - Thank me with your hands.- The Panthers - Breathalize.- Agent Lovelette - Sunshine a Go Go.- CCC - Transpíralo.- Pánico (feat. Crazy Girl) - Goodnigth goodnigth.- Hot Hot Heat - Human Garbage.- Napalm Death - Big girls don't cry.- Edith Massey - fake your beauty.- Bertine Zetiltz - Am I loud enough.- Bis - Theme from Sparta FC.- The Fall - If I told you.- Televise - Forgetten son.- Artist Unknown - Amerilie.- Vetiver - Poisonous Emblema.- J Mullholand - Save me from happiness.- Tim Keefan and the Homer League - I fell in love with a Dead Boy.- Antony and the Johnsons - Central dubbing Unit.- Disrupt - Joe le taxi.- Hanayo - Catch my disease.- Ben Lee - William do.- The Durutti Column

Swedish pop set 2
Die 5 time times 5.- South ambulance - Say something.- The Concretes - The air that surround us.- Le Futur Pompiste - Breakfast.-All of my brother's girlfriends


Selector de Frecuencias por radio global
todos los jueves/thursdays 8pm-10pm (Pacific Time)

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if you like swedish lofi/twee, check out models inc., a lofi collective from stockholm. unfortunately, site is in swedish only, but there are lots of mp3:s.