jueves, julio 28, 2005

selector no. 24 x radio global

selector no. 24 x radio global

de todo un poco

fat girls killing models (cocky line rmx).-
diario de fresas.- ibi ego!
vamos todas.- ex
dando vueltas.- nosotrash
out in the streets.- blondie
hanging on the telephone.- L7
baby mother.- ari up
erase you.- esg
high ideals & crazy dreams.- mark stewart and the maffia
human nature (on the mix).- gary clail and the On U soundsystem
love and pain (unreleased James ford rmx).- clor
en battre dag.- [ingenting]
i found the f.- broadcast
tell me does she love the bass (the jealous rmx).- lesbians on ecstasy
i gotta move.- niki and the corvette
last summer vacation.- the cavemen go
formed a band.- art brut
cotton crown.- two nice girls
no te flipes.- focomelos
rainbow massaker.- electronicat
jump 'n' bump.- hawnay troof
70s jets.- fisk industries
kindheit jugend sex.- pop tarts
gabriel.- electrelane
decisao.- the brazilian bitles
bom senso.- tim maia
oh asbestos.- my violent life
cooperation.- hockey night
track # 1.- hail social
feels like monday.- the tears

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