domingo, julio 24, 2005

static says

static says

:: FIB
::Static Discos will be having a showcase at Festival Internacional Benicassim in Spain Castellón, near Valencia, this coming 5th of August. On the Static Discos stage (Music Box Stage), starting after midnight, there will be performances by Carrie, Pepito, Terrestre, Fax, Duopandamix, Ejival and Murcof. Benicassim is by far Spain's biggest alternative music festival for over 10 years has been one of the premier events in Europe's summer festival circuit. Many other acts are scheduled to play across the 4 day festival this year, including The Cure, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Keane, LCD Soundsystem and other favourites of ours such as Mouse on Mars, !!!, Thomas Brinkmann, Lawrence, Tarwater and Pánico. Hope to see you there under the hot mediterranean sun.

:: KOBOL and FAX recent releases
::KOBOL and FAX have recently released music to glowing reviews, please do everything you can to acquire them immediatly, as we are sure they will make you feel very good about yourself. XLR8R magazine said that FAX's 'Collaborations and Remixes' shows that "electronics know no borders", making note of FAX's quest to make friends worldwide, as his album features the work of Jonas Beiring (France), Portable (UK), Ultra Red (USA), Mike Shannon (Canada), Pepito (Spain) and Karras (México). "This is a testament to the good kind of globalism", the magazine quote finishes saying. But judge for yourself as we are sure FAX's transformations in minimal techno will surely make your day.
On the other hand, Kobol's debut, 'Broken Ebony', is the surprise hit of the summer, being an instant favorite among the congnoscenti of electronic music. With it's future jazz sketches and abstract electronic improvisations, the album flows down in a very cool way. London's Smallfish record store, one of our favorites in the Soho district, declared that 'Broken Ebony' is "Light, summery, jazzy and playful yet almost textural, this is a fine piece of work". Sound samples for both releases are available in the Static Discos homepage, under the releases section. An unreleased Kobol track is currently available as a free mp3 download at their website.

::Carrie's debut CD, 'Honey Blue Star', will be officially released in the states in the autumn, in the meantime you can buy the CD with our friends at Darla. In México and Spain, Carrie's sweet electronic folk songs have been met with very positive comments, specially in Spain where all the leisure and arts magazines, like Popchild, have declared 'Honey Blue Star' as "a hale of translucid and finely crafted ambiance and electronic melodies". Good stuff indeed. This CD was released in conjunction with Spain's Dearstereofan label. Soundsamples are available in the Static Discos homepage, under the releases section.

::Pepito's new pop masterpiece is called 'The New World', also scheduled for autumn release, and it contains many star anthems that are sure to transform the world around you. Ana and José, Pepito, recorded this little ditty with their friends in their hometown of San Francisco before they left to live in Madrid. The result is a hard edged and sweet response to the world affairs around us. Why play someone elses game?, they sing in the title track. We are sure that the album is surely to confound those that have not opened their eyes to the truth we live in. Pop politics have never been this sexy and fun. And the music is great too, in true ever morphing Pepito style, words are not enough to describe it. A remix by Puerto Rico's Superaquello closes the album. Sound samples can be heard at

::We are proud to anounce the collaboration between Static Discos and Buenos Aires' Microesfera. Active since the mid 90's, Microesfera, Alejandro Amo and Ramiro Larrain, have excelled at producing some of southamerica's best tech-house, alongside Gustavo Lamas (Onitor/Kompakt) and other electronic marvels of Argentina. Dubby and experimental, Microesfera have anounced the 'Negative' ep for Static Discos, a collection of tracks which feature backward sounds and digital to analog production as the basis for this work. The album will also contain remixes by Fax (Mexicali), Latinsizer (Tijuana) and Receptor (Santiago de Chile). A recent 12" ep has been released by Japan's Mule Musiq and is being distributed by Kompakt. More info about Microesfera can be found in their homepage at

::Murcof's double CD compilation "Martes/Utopia". which collects his first two albums is finally available in Mexico, the collection includes bonus tracks and a video. Also available is FAX's "Ruido de Fondo [defragmentado], a dynamic live session that he recorded for Radioneurotica, an online radio station from Guadalajara. Both releases are exclusive licenses for Mexico, but we will soon have some available to ship worldwide for completists on the Static Discos website. More info soon.:: IN THE PIPELINE ::New works by Duopandamix and Fax are in the works. The debut of Childs, a duo of Ensenada currently living in Mexico City is in the final stages of production as well. Cielo, Madrid's tecnopop duo, are also finishing a new album which will contain an additional collection of remixes by Superpitcher, Electronicat, Isan, Ascii Disko and Fax. A new label, Verdigirs, run by the people of Static Discos is releasing music from Florencia Ruiz (Buenos Aires) and One Second Bridge (Mexico City) in Mexico later this year, this label will focus on acoustic sounds and simple home made musical cross pollinations.

::The weekly radio program by the Static Discos crew can be heard weekly every Tuesday from 8 to 10 pm (Pacific Standard Time) through and if you live in the Tijuana/San Diego area on 102.5FM. A new program called "Static Discos presents Broadband Sessions", is transmited through every Friday at 6PM (Pacific Standard Time), and this show focuses on the artists themselves, who play their own set of personal favourites and other found sounds across the broad of the internet band. A repository of this sessions will soon be available on
the Static Discos webpage.

::Murcof will release a new album titled 'Remembranza' in September on the LEAF label, his follow up to his world wide acclaimed "Martes'. Fax has recently released a 12" ep on Germany's Level Recordings, more info at, and speaking of Fax, he also has concocted a net label called Cyan Records, an EP, with music from Antenna, Karras, Plankton Man, Daniel Fritschi and Fax himself can be freely downloaded at

::Thanks for reading all the way through and please support Static Discos by buying the music on your local record store or online through our good friends at

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