sábado, mayo 13, 2006

bevlar music: free as usual!

bevlar music: free as usual!

May Nilsson - 'Highways & Heartaches EP' (Bevlar S27)

May Nilsson has made music for almost 20 years on and off in various unknown bands and on her own. It all began 1980 in the Stockholm suburb of Salem when she was introduced to coffee, Kraftwerk and Joy Division by three male friends. Later came early Hip Hop and the on going history of electronic dance music. In the mid 80´s May bought a Sequential Circuits Pro One, her first synth. It cost a fortune and soon was stolen in a rehearsal room. But it had an arpeggiator, an obsession since then. May now makes music in her home in a converted school in Farsta Strand, outside Stockholm.

The three-track EP 'Highways & Heartaches' is raw electro business, edgy yet beautiful stuff. Don't miss this one - download it free as always!

Also available: May Nilsson & Dumb Dan - 'Me & U' - a house rework of the second track on the EP. Release date May 15th, on Dumb Recordings!

download at www.dumbrecordings.com

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