viernes, mayo 12, 2006

listen to this

listen to this

Selector's podcast.

selector 03
Presentamos en esta ocasión a ALBUM y BURO SPUTNIK from México, Orange Juice (clasic english pop from the early 80s), T-REX super glam and MR PAC MAN synth chip tunes.
selector no. 2
selector goes int'nal: Doggy, a good indie band from France; Hablarás de mi, indie rock from Argentine; Status, cool indie from Estonia; Kessler, alternative rock from Italy; and Tati Quebra Barraco, baile funk from Brazil. Listen, download & enjoy. Muzik non stop.

per/versiones: cover up scene
Selector no. 1 Cover up scene: kevin johansen does the culture club thing, hej! does a folkie jacko wacko, celly campello does neil sedaka tune (in portuguese), nootropia and nito niko does a electro-helium version of chris isaak track & plastic bertrand ate "major tom" in french.

listen to this: selector podcast

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