lunes, octubre 01, 2007

selector picks 01

Diario Pop

5 from mexican groups

1) afrodyke - cinema.mp3
--electro pop from the Ultrasonicas girl, Ali Gua Gua; demo
2) Seekers who are lovers: It´s a hard life (mp3)
--3am electro folk from our pal Angel, del cd You are the pride of your street (soundsister, 2006)
3) carrie - summer dream.mp3
--electronic folk pop, from Goodbye rain said the rain compilation (At.At records 2007)
4) Rosco: Recordando mesa Pong (mp3)
--electronic lounge, from the first Rosco cd (Impala discos, 2005)
5) Hamac Caziim: Thoni yobe manabii (mp3)
--seri rock from Sonora, del cd Fuego Divino (Instituto Sonorense de Cultura)

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