miércoles, octubre 03, 2007

selector picks 03

Diario Pop

5 tracks para bailar como si fuera la noche del sábado

1) Plastic Operator: Singing all the time (mp3)
--del cd Different place, buy it at Fine Day Records 2007) Visita su ms
2) Private: My secret lover
--electro 80s from Dennmark, from the brand new cd 2007
3) aliage - no sabes.mp3
--electronica indie from Argentina, del cd Mioclonias (Imeca Music, 2007)
4) cielo - tranvia (vocal).mp3
-electronica with a very cool 80s feeling, from Radio Subterránea cd (Static discos, 2007)
5) Tobiah: I love your music (mp3)
--chiptunes, del disco Glitter & Bleep Joystick Pop (Cyclo/Relax Beat, 2006)

download, baila & suda

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