jueves, octubre 04, 2007

selector picks 04

diario pop

5 tracks from Tijuana artists
1) Guaycura Sounds: Joy trip (mp3)
-- instrumental indie rock (fugazi school), from the Stonia Records ep, 2007
2) Faca: Lo mucho que me gustas (mp3)
-- surf electro pop from from Mi deporte favorito cd (Nuevos Ricos, 2007)
3)Vagabundo Inn: No fue ayer (mp3)
-- after punk (Alphaville -the spanish band- school), from the indie realese Vagabundo Inn
4) ceci bastida - vas pa atras.mp3
-- new pop stuff from ex Tijuana No singer, from The Rough mixes ep, 2007
5) cuarto paisaje -verano.mp3
--- indie pop with a little electronic sounds, from the second demo, 2007

download, listen up and enjoy

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