viernes, abril 29, 2005

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// Nullsleep LIVE NYC TONIGHT Friday April 29th!---Our very own Nullsleep will be performing live inNYC tonight along with an elite squadron of 6 otherhardware hackers and electronic destructionists aspart of the BENT 2005 Circuit Bending Festival at The Tank!
The BENT 2005 Circuit Bending Festival is a four day exploration of the art of circuit bending. Spaceworks at The Tank will play host to a full schedule of performances, demonstrations, and hands on workshops related to the art of circuit bending.
#-- GO!BENT 2005 @ The Tank - Friday April 29432 West 42nd St. (between Dyer and 10th Avenue)
6pm GameBoy Workshop - FREE
8pm Concert - $7
Performances by - noisetet, Vic Rawlings, Joker Nies, Jeff Donaldson, Gijs Gieskes, atari noise, and Nullsleep!
Performances on Saturday by Lektrogirl, Paul B. Davis of the 8-bit Construction Set, and others!

// Upcoming Twilight Electric - "Razor Blades"!---This week you can expect a fresh new release from 8bitpeoples' resident synthpop hero, Twilight Electric! "Razor Blades" will bring you 6 tracks crammed full of the energy and pure synthesized sounds you've come to expect from us. Twilight Electric is definitely taking his sound to the next level, this is not one to miss!

// Bit Shifter - Invading Europe Next Month!---For our European friends out there who missed outon Nullsleep, Bit Shifter and Covox on the 2005 Data Destruction Tour that swept thru the US last month, you'll get your chance to catch one third of the team along with a slew of other superstars next month as Bit Shifter invades Europe and slays your ears with a few fiery riffs off his GameBoy!#-- GO!
05 11 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
05 13 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
05 14 - Deventer, The Netherlands
05 15 - Brussels, Belgium
05 19 - Stockholm, Sweden
Along with Psilodump, Lo-Bat, FirestARTer, Lektrogirl, Komatrohn, The C-Men, Polar-B, and others!
Check for full details!

Exciting things coming up, blasting through the Internets from us to you like a rocketized animal.

Your Friends,The 8bitpeoples


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