domingo, junio 19, 2005

bevlar news

bevlar news

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*Rasmus - 'Get Busy' / 'Alone' (Bevlar S18) S
lightly harder and quite a bit faster than what you might have come to expect from a new Bevlar release, Rasmus' new double a-side single is still full of emotion and big melody hooks.The creative vocoder work on 'Get Busy' and the melancholy and hands-in-the-air feel of the Stephen Stills sampling 'Alone', the snappy rhythms, hard synths and crisp production makes this one of our best releases yet! Download it now - free as always!

*Dumb Dan will be hosting his own show on Swedish webradio station .
Tune in for some banging electro and funky house, Sundays 21.00-23.00 CET, starting June 26.
Dumb Dan shows coming up on
26/6 Featuring special guest CiD of Mashtronic.
10/7 Featuring special guest The Adjuster.
24/7 Featuring special guest

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