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mil records news

mil records news

Tijuana Sessions Volumen 3
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Out in July 12.
The first work by the collective was released back in 2000, now we have this new album were Bostich, Clorofila, Fussible, Hiperboreal and Panóptica deliver again the Tijuana Sessions. (click here)

Alan Parsons and Nortec Collective works on Tijuaniac!
A valid path, is the new album from Alan Parsons, where he colaborate with nortec to create the track Tijuaniac. Here is the track commentary from Alan Parsons : " They work almost exclusively with laptop computers and are a sight to see when they are performing together. They go out in different combinations according to their availability - one of them for example is a professional dentist! This is the chill-out track of the album. I love how we worked together to combine spacey electronic textures with real mariachi brass and Mexican spoken word and traditional bar singing." Listen to : Tijuaniac

Random events yield CD
Following on the heels of the release of Colores Vol 1, we¹re already preparing our first 2004 CD release ­ a collection of tracks by Latinsizer, Mendoza, tre/molo and Point Loma, four alternate projects from members of the Nortec Collective. The CD takes it¹s title from the series of Tijuana improvisation based events in which these projects participate. click here

El Paso del Nortec! now out
Written by José Manuel Valenzuela, "Paso del Nortec, This is Tijuana" compiles images, interviews, wrttings, music and everything related to the collective, includes a DVD. Latinsizer Nomada 12" single.Pepe Mogt alterego Latinsizer is releasing a 12" of NOMADA along with the Latinsizer CD debut "Ritmo 55", becoming his first vinyl release, Pepe Mogt includes 2 mixes of "Nomada", "Disel" an exclusive B-side, and a remix of "Rubiconga" done by tre/molo. Also included is a bonus white label.. click here

Mil records signs with Nufonix
Nufonix is an independent digital music provider dedicated to bringing you the highest quality electronic dance music in mp3 format. Now Mil Records joins them to offer you our newest releases....(click here)

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