jueves, junio 09, 2005

selector no. 17 x radio global

selector no. 17 x radio global
live at mofo bar

718.- fanny pack
i predict a riot.' kaiser chiefs
voltage is ok .- los fancy free
l'anamour.- serge gainsbourg
psyche rock.- les yper sound
your funk is fine.- trash 80
i love you.- yello
ode to LA.- the raveonettes
taxi driver.- my darling you
my last fight.- love psychedelico
going out, go go.- capsule
she´s hearing voices.- block party
party crashers (headman vocal mix).- radio 4
from skulls.- thunderbirds are now!
listen.- pink grease
go get 'em tiger.- gisli
you´re not good.- esg
wordy rappinghood.- tom tom club
let's get sick.- mu
i cant live without my radio.- w.d.e.
this is not a love song.- p.i.l.
the safety dance.- men without hats
precious.- the jam
y ya...

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